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Quiet bedroom fans

Dear Mrs Danvers, being well-organised and practical, I am already planning for the baking weather prophesied for the summer. I intend to buy some electric fans while there is still a chance of snow so, surely, they will not have sold out. Any suggestions?

Office suppliers Viking Direct (a href=”” title=”Viking Direct”>; 0844 412 0000) have a fair selection, priced from £9.39 for a clip-on desk fan in plastic to chrome pedestal fans in two heights. One, the smaller, is £23.49 and the taller is £46.99. Both will oscillate and have three speeds.

Lakeland (; 01539 488100) have a high-velocity air circulator with three speeds (£39.99) and one with beechwood effect blades at the same price will also be available shortly. The company stocks a tower fan, £59.99, which is, it says, extremely quiet and good in bedrooms. It also has a remote control, eight-hour timer and ?natural breeze? mode, whatever that is.