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Wealthy invest in property

The most popular investments of the wealthy are real estate, equities and cash according to research carried out by Tulip Research and published by Ledbury

Over 75% of the top 1%’s wealth is allocated in these three investment categories, with an average of almost 40% allocated just to property.

Surprisingly, although Germany has so far missed out on the global property boom, wealthy Germans have the highest proportion of investors to allocate most of their liquid assets to real estate. However, two thirds of Germany’s Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (those with liquid assets over £700k) are either entrepreneurs (40%) or senior business people (26%) and aware of other property markets. They have therefore been investing in property to get high rental yields now, and capital gains in the future.

Among Britain’s wealthiest people, 36% of their liquid assets tied up in property, 27% in equities, 14% in cash equivalents and 12% in fixed interest securities.


Country houses for sale