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Tips when buying abroad

Fluctuating exchange rates can make a huge difference to the price you finally pay for your property. HiFX – Highly Recommended Foreign Exchange can make sure you get the best deal possible.
A European property priced at €200,000 would have cost £142,298 in the middle of December 2007. Due to currency movements, that same property would have been £10,013 more expensive at £152,311 just one month later – a difference of 7% in only 4 weeks!

To help make your money go further when buying a property, works with currency specialists HiFX to give you access to:

* Better exchange rates than your bank saving you up to 4% on all your international money transfers.
* Simple, jargon free currency advice tailored to your individual circumstances.
* No hidden charges; no commission fees, transfer charges or overseas bank receiving fees.
* Guaranteed exchange rates for up to 24 months.
* Fast, highly secure payments for complete peace of mind.
* A Regular Payments Service for international mortgage payments and general living expenses.

Who are HiFX?
As Europe’s leading currency provider, their global network of offices manages £20 billion in foreign exchange transactions annually, and last year the company helped over 30,000 private individuals protect themselves against the foreign exchange risk they were exposed to between their offer on property being accepted and the completion of the sale.  

Find out how much you could save.
With HiFX, protecting your property investment is easier than you think.  Their dedicated specialists will listen to your requirements and then happily provide advice on the various options open to you.

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Finally, when the transaction is undertaken HiFX will give you better exchange rates than your bank; no commission charges, no UK transfer costs, and no overseas bank receiving fees – saving you thousands making your money go further.

To speak to a qualified foreign exchange specialist, call +44(0)1753 859159  quoting ‘Country Life’ for a priority consultation. Alternatively, email or visit their web site, or try out their online application. You can also order travel money online using their online application form.