Country Life 20 April 2022

Country Life 20 April 2022 looks at golden retrievers, wildflower meadows, Doctor Dolittle and a beautiful old farmhouse.

Masterpiece: Jack Watkins deciphers the language of Doctor Dolittle, the man who talked to animals.

Golden retrievers: Beloved for their gentleness, admired for their picking-up skills, golden retrievers are real all-rounders, says Katy Birchall

Satan of the riverbank: The bizarre cormorant has a long-held evil reputation, but there’s plenty to admire in this tough bird

Tradition and modernity: Old and new are perfectly blended at Willards Farm in Surrey, finds Jeremy Musson

Where the wildflowers grow: Our flower-bedecked meadows may be all but lost, but there is hope in many unlikely corners, discovers Sarah Langford

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