Country Life 22 September 2021

Country Life 22 September 2021 is our Cotswolds special, looking at homes, food and much more besides. Find out what's in the issue here.

A Cotswold dream: A medieval house reimagined by Clough Williams-Ellis is the popular ideal of a Cotswold home, says Jeremy Musson.

Ciders and bears: Jane Wheatley meets the makers keeping the Cotswold cider tradition alive.

A taste of the Cotswolds: Ben Lerwill discovers the fine food stores of the Cotswolds and shares his favourites.

Are you properly nuts? Nutteries offer the chance to grow impressive specimens that will long be admired, says Mark Diacono.

Isabel Ettedgui’s favourite painting: The owner of luxury brand Connolly on an inspiring cave painting in France.

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The snakes of Britain: These elongated reptiles are much misunderstood, advises Annemarie Munro.

Interiors: Amelia Thorpe chooses the latest designs and products to inspire.

Burdock: The plant helped invent velcro and may cure decrepitude, says John Wright.

Fishing: David Profumo breaks his fishless run at Amhuinnsuidhe Castle.

Travel: A Maltese villa to stay in.

Chettle House: The garden of Chettle House has been brilliantly reinterpreted, says Christopher Stocks.

Dante: Michael Prodger makes the case for the ‘most romantic’ member of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Luxury: There’s a box for everything, says Hetty Lintell.