Country Life 27 July 2022

Country Life 27 July 2022 looks at pointers, and meets young people who have made the move to a rural lifestyle.

Getting to the pointer

The German shorthaired pointer is an arresting yet rare sight, says Arabella Byrne

Young, gifted and thriving in the countryside

Fergus Butler-Gallie meets young people who have made the move to a rural lifestyle

A close call

The Duke of Norfolk is running a remarkable project to save the curlew. Simon Lester reports

Honey to the bee

A beekeeper soaks honey in whisky, with award-winning results, reports Vicky Liddell

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Tiny cogs in a giant machine

George McGavin warns of the threat to the vital insect world

Todd Longstaffe-Gowan’s favourite painting

The landscape architect chooses a dramatic, Biblical scene by a Flemish painter


Jack Watkins on Persuasion and why Austen adaptations are still box-office gold

A town-house transformation

An 1860s coach house has been reconfigured to dazzling effect. Jeremy Musson visits Monmouth House, London SW7

Weeding between the lines

John Lewis-Stempel attacks ‘injurious and noxious’ weeds


A soothing bedroom suite and the comfiest slipper chairs


Almasika jewellery, racing driver Mark Webber’s favourite things and bathing beautiful

Instant gratification

A new garden needn’t look new, as Tiffany Daneff discovers at this splendid Home Counties property

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson on apricots

 ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it’

David Profumo gets there in the end during a glorious day’s trout-fishing on the Itchen

And much more