Country Life 30 September 2020

Country Life 30 September 2020 looks at sketching, South Devon and the bogs of Britain.

BOGS: Mark Griffiths takes a look at Britain’s ancient bogs, teeming with wildelife, and arguing that these rare habitats must be protected.

THE JOY OF SKETCH: Don’t snap a picture on your phone — draw a scene and you’ll remember it for life, as David Gillett explains.

SOUTH DEVON: Our look at the AONBs of Britain heads south-west.

MICHAEL SANDLE’S FAVOURITE PAINTING: The sculptor chooses a frozen scene.

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SIDBURY MILL: A Devon mill making flour once more.

A WALLED GARDEN PARADISE: Natasha Goodfellow visits a dreamy spot in Shropshire.

LUXURY: Cashmere, flowers and watches feature this week.