Country Life 7 September 2022

Country Life 7 September 2022 looks at extreme weather, Sealyham terriers, and hears the secrets of the author A. N. Wilson.

Here’s a selection of what you can expect to find inside:

Confessions of a lifetime

Having published his memoirs, author A. N. Wilson talks to Jane Wheatley about school, marriage, faith and poetry

Changing times, changing titles

Country Life is nothing if not adaptable and as conventions change, we embrace ‘Ms’

‘I gave up my career for the Sealyham’

Few people have such single-minded purpose as Sealyham saviour Harry Parsons. Julie Harding meets his latest litter

Field trials

At his Hertfordshire home, Tom Stuart-Smith has created an American prairie, finds Non Morris

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Along the River Thames, the rebirth of the War Office and Penelope Chilvers’s city secrets

1980s Notebook

Melanie Bryan reveals what Country Life thought of the concerns of the ‘big’ decade

Reasons to be cheerful

Carla Carlisle does her level best to look on the bright side

Shane Connolly’s favourite painting

The florist chooses a delightful tumble of lilies of the valley


The castle as a symbol of power began at Dover, finds Jack Watkins

Playing with history

The building of Founders’ Hall, London EC1, holds important lessons for the city’s planners, believes John Martin Robinson

Thunder and lightning, what could be more frightening?

Extremes of weather thrill and tantalise in equal measure, as photographs from the Royal Meteorological Society reveal


The many highlights of Focus/22

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell walks tall in loafers

In the dead of the nightshade

Beware beauty-enhancing belladonna, long a dangerous plant, advises Ian Morton

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson picks her pears

Best country houses for sale this week

A pair of miniature castles and a wonderful coastal home in the West Country make it in to our look