Country Life August 17 2016

Country Life August 17 2016 explores sand dunes – Britain’s shifting wilderness; ruins; Betjeman in Norfolk; British cassis; and caravans of quality. Find out more:

ARCHITECTURE: For one season, the visitor’s understanding of Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, will be transformed by a carpet, as Michael Hall explains

SAND DUNES: Antony Woodward explores the shifting wilderness of our coastline’s sand dunes

CASSIS: The French may have invented cassis, but the British are getting in on the cocktail act, reports Richard Hopton

BETJEMAN IN NORFOLK: We associate him with Cornish cliffs and Aldershot sun, but Sir John Betjeman’s heart lay in Norfolk, says Clive Aslet

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GARDENS: George Plumptre explores the gardens around a medieval merchant’s house in West Sussex that have been rejuvenated and extended with flair

ARCHIVE: John Goodall selects some compelling images of ruins from the Country Life archive

CARAVANS: They might be the bane of motorists’ lives, but wooden caravans are making camping cool again, claims Clover Stroud

FISHING: David Profumo and Editor Hedges enjoy a successful afternoon in pursuit of giant trout at Wilsford Manor, Wiltshire

COOKING: Melanie Johnson conjures the flavours of Provence with fabulous fig recipes

CIGARS: Bolivar visits the Dominican Republic’s cigar capital

MOTORING: The new Volvo XC90 T8 is just as safe and even more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, finds Charles Rangeley-Wilson

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