Country Life January 17 2018

Country Life January 17 2018 is our wonderful winter gardens number featuring a Cotswold treasure and colourful cannas plus canine heroes and the life of a High Sheriff.

GARDENING PROBLEMS SOLVED: Country Life’s experts, such as Alan Titchmarsh and Charles Quest-Ritson, reveal how they solved the gardening problems that have been vexing them

CANINE HEROES: From rescuing children to riding trains, Richard Sugg recounts the tales of devoted and daring dogs from history

MUSIC: Britain has become a magnet for young, talented conductors, says Pippa Cuckson

LIVING NATIONAL TREASURE: The political cartoonist

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FAVOURITE PAINTING: The Today editor, Sarah Sands, opts for a restful Georgia O’Keeffe work

GARDENS: An other-worldliness pervades the sensitively gardened grounds of a Cotswold manor house, finds Jacky Hobbs

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CANNAS: With seeds devastating enough to be ammunition, the once- reviled showy Canna has a few tricks up its sleeve, says Mark Griffiths

WILDLIFE: Our smallest carnivore requires at least five meals a day to survive, observes David Profumo

ARCHITECTURE: A surviving cycle of 14th-century paintings in a tower on a dairy farm in Cambridgeshire still has the power to intrigue, amuse and inform, says Edward Impey

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Clive Aslet dodges prison on a day with the High Sheriff of Kent

INTERIORS: A bedroom by South African designer Hubert Zandberg and Anouska Hempel’s latest project

REEL LIFE: David Profumo discovers that there is some good news for Scottish salmon stocks

COOKING: More than marmalade: Melanie Johnson finds delicious things to do with oranges

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