Country Life January 31 2018

Country Life January 31 2018 meets the magical and mythical Irish wolfhound; follows the life of a crisp from potato to packet; and explores one of the world’s most mysterious gardens. Find out more here:

IRISH WOLFHOUNDS: Mythical and magical, the Irish wolfhound can only be described in superlatives, finds Flora Watkins

IN FOR A PENNY: A miniature work of art and the cost of someone’s thoughts, the penny is still the world’s most successful coin, professes Jonathan Self

DESIGNER’S ROOM: Katrin Cargill mixes classic fabrics for a country bedroom

6 NATIONS RUGBY PREVIEW: Owain Jones asks whether the England rugby team can hold off Ireland to claim a third 6 Nations title on the trot

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THE LIFE OF A CRISP: Nick Hammond follows the life of a crisp, from potato to packet

LIVING NATIONAL TREASURE: Orthopaedic shoe-maker

FAVOURITE PAINTING: Designer Luke Irwin picks a desolate bar-room image that caused a scandal in France

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WE HAVE A PLAN: The Government’s 25-year Environment Plan brings hope – provided people work together, says Andrew Sells

GARDENS: One of the world’s most mysterious gardens was created by a theatre designer in Portugal, reports Tim Richardson

LUXURY: Hetty Chidwick has the latest in luxury, plus Troy London and Jasper Conran’s life essentials

ROLLING IN DEEP: John Lewis-Stempel finds an unlucky squirrel by his pond

COOKING: Melanie Johnson puts the unusual root vegetable kohlrabi centre stage

ARCHITECTURE: George Plumptre visits the garden at Knowle Hill in Kent, where the focus is on winter and early-spring flowers

CIGARS: The new Cohiba Limited Edition sends the cigar world into a spin

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