Country Life July 25 2018

Country Life July 25 2018 investigates which breed makes the best gundog, looks around Naworth Castle and discovers how to create a perfect boot room.

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ARCHITECTURE: John Goodall on Naworth Castle, forged from a bloody past.

GUNDOGS: Which breed is best? We investigate, with the help of the great and the good.

INTERIORS: Make a beautiful boot room.

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PROPERTY: The value you’ll find in a Northumberland estate is extraordinary, as Penny Churchill discovers.

FAVOURITE PAINTING: Sir Jim Paice of the GWCT chooses a bona fide English classic.

LIVING NATIONAL TREASURE: The scyther – and he’s scathing about Poldark.

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PEACHES: Melanie Johnson makes pudding with this delicious summer fruit.

GARDENS: The grounds of Broughton Hall – childhood home of Tottering-by-Gently cartoonist Annie Tempest.

GUNS: Purdey have released an over-and-under. Mark Hedges used it to shoot pigeons.

NATURE: A look at how farming and conservation can go hand-in-hand.

LUXURY: James Martin’s favourite things, plus the latest from the world of luxury.

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