Country Life July 26 2017

Country Life July 26 2017 is our brilliant Game Fair number featuring Lakeland terriers, leading figures in conservation, ideal gundogs plus the making of a Purdey gun. Find out more:

LAKELAND TERRIERS: The Lakeland or fell terrier may be hard to define, but it’ll definitely be a handful, advises Adrian Dangar

CONSERVATION: Kate Green looks at what’s changed in the conservation movement in 120 years and leading figures name their heroes and inspirations

GUN DOGS: David Tomlinson on why docile  is better than flashy in a gundog

GARDENS: Kathryn Bradley-Hole visits the superb international garden at Seend Manor, Wiltshire

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FAVOURITE PAINTING: The author and consultant Peter York chooses a climactic triptych by John Martin

COMMENT: Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, on the next 20 years in the countryside

ARCHITECTURE: Serenely beautiful Great Chalfield Manor in Wiltshire has a surprisingly eventful history. Clive Aslet and John Goodall report

REEL LIFE: It’s a tale of grilse and gritted teeth as David Profumo is embarrassingly successful on a fishing trip to Connemara

COOKING: Melanie Johnson makes hummus out of courgettes

CIGARS: Cigars for smoking guns

COLUMNIST OF THE YEAR: John Lewis-Stempel finds music for a father-and-daughter road trip and anxiously inspects his wheat fields on a sultry day

LUXURY: News, plus the making of a Purdey gun, by Hetty Chidwick, and novelist Kathy Lette’s life essentials

INTERIORS: How to have a brilliant bootroom, by Arabella Youens

DANDELIONS: Generations of children have made it a pernicious weed by blowing its seedhead to the four winds yet, observes Ian Morton, we have great affection for the cheerful yellow flower

PROPERTY: Suffolk’s Tudor treasures

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