Country Life October 11 2017

Country Life October 11 2017 is our lovely London number featuring dragon hunting, property in our capital, living with llamas and when opera meets politics plus Country Life International. Find out more:

INTERVIEW: How to make an impression The impressionist Rory Bremner talks to Tessa Waugh about the current crop of politicians

QUIZ: Here be dragons Can you find these emblems of the City? Try John Goodall’s quiz

THE GREAT STORM: Nine people share their stories of the dramatic night of the Great Storm of 1987 with Julie Harding

LLAMA KARMA: They’re not only enchanting, but useful, finds Kate Green

Recommended videos for you

PICKLING: Simon Lester reveals how to pickle onions without tears

LONDON PROPERTY: Penny Churchill and Annunciata Elwes survey the market


FAVOURITE PAINTING: The art critic Richard Dorment chooses a youthful self-portrait by G. F. Watts

COMMENT: Where land meets sea Fiona Reynolds walks the north Norfolk coast

ARCHITECTURE: A regal prospect The Queen’s House, Greenwich, had a major revamp for its 400th anniversary. Harry Mount reports

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FOOD: Simpson’s is back. Emma Hughes inspects the menu

INTERIORS: Amelia Thorpe on colour from art

MADE IN BRITAIN: The upholstered furniture maker

DARTINGTON CRYSTAL: Julie Harding sees a sparkling future for Dartington

COOKING: Hamming it up Simon Hopkinson cooks ham

REEL LIFE: Entering the final frontier David Profumo fishes in Alaska

GARDENS: The gallery and garden work in harmony at London’s Serpentine Sackler, says Non Morris

ART & ANTIQUES: A new collection of vanity cases promised to the V&A charms Caroline Bugler

THE DIVA AND THE DICTATOR: Clive Aslet explores what happens when opera meets politics

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