Top tips and trade secrets to help you shine up and straighten every space in your home.

We share the right way to wash windows, keep dog hairs to a minimum, and other preventative strategies for keeping your country house in tip-top shape.

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Ten house tips for the winter

Now is the time to put your house in ship-shape for the winter months ahead. Chartered surveyor Tom Grillo shares his ten top tips

Choosing an interior designer

Finding the right skilled interior designer for your period property requires some dedication; in particular you need to make sure you share the same vision

Best cooking pans

Mrs Danvers suggests the best makes of pots and cooking pans to hunt down when shopping for a special friend's wedding present

Buying bellows

Mrs Danvers recommends where to find a new or antique pair of bellows

Creating a library

Mrs Danvers gives advice on how to create a library in a newly acquired country house

Removing chocolate stains

Mrs Danvers tackles readers' household queries: this week's are chocolate stains on a linen suit and screen doors

Tips on hosting parties

Mrs Danvers comes to the rescue of two readers who have parties looming and need advice on arranging transport and hiring cutlery

Painting floorboards white

Achieving that New England feeling can be done one of two ways, our housekeeping and decorating expert explains the methods

Treating coffee stains

Mrs Danvers recommends the best way to tackle coffee stains on rattan and wickerwork

Stained-glass maker

Mary Miers talks to some experts at stained-glass making and restoration

Dream house: Pargeter

Ornamental plasterwork often found on the outside of houses (and ceilings) in East Anglia is known as pargeting

Black blotting paper

Black blotting paper

Mrs Danvers explains where to find black blotting paper and how to go about commissioning a vase