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tips on renting your holiday home

Top tips on renting your holiday home

The holiday-home market on the Cornish coast looks set for a lively summer. Arabella Youens finds out how to make the running costs bearable.

Shamley Green property guide

Property guide to Shamley Green

We take a look at property in and around Shamely Green in Surrey, and consider why buyers are so drawn to the village when moving out of London for the…

Property guide to Elstead

Freddie Mack shares the secrets of Elstead in Surrey, a prime spot for young families looking for properties outside London near good schools

Property guide to Cheriton

If you're considering buying property in or around Cheriton this year, take a look at our property guide which covers where to buy, what prices to expect and where to…

Need to know: Buyers searches

Buyers searches on farms and estates are crucial to finding out everything you might want to know about the land before you take it over

The value of trees

Developing and looking after trees in your grounds can be absorbing work, but also can add value to your property

Types of French mortgage

The majority of loans in France are on a long term fixed rate, or a capped rate which helps the borrower says John from Athena Mortgages

Property in St Kitts

Affordable, untouched and yet—now—accessible, St Kitts is about to become the new must-have Caribbean holiday home destination. Get in now, advises Arabella Youens

Shutters and country houses

They keep the heat in and the light (and burglars) out. Shutters are a great asset for a country house-provided you install the right ones, says Carla Passino