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What to expect when you’re expecting (to move to the countryside)

On March 28, agents Michael Graham will be showcasing some of their best countryside properties at their west London office.

I often sit and wonder what my life might look like in 10 years time. There are things that I am pretty certain will happen (my hair will turn grey/disappear; I’ll probably need some fillings; my back will, somehow, hurt more than it already does). There are things that might happen (marriage, children, some dogs, more cats, a nice car). And then there are things that I would certainly like to happen (buy a nice house in the countryside, for all my cats, dogs, children, cars, etc).

It might have been the case that everyone got a little over-excited during Lockdown, with people fleeing to the countryside. However, the pull of rural England still remains strong, with plenty of people leaving London and other urban areas for more space and a more peaceful lifestyle. And, with more people hybrid-working, the decreasing threat of a torturous commute is certainly helping convince people to leave the city behind.

But it’s still a lifestyle change. Which is why it’s good to see rural estate agents heading in to the city to help advise those thinking of making the switch. One such example would be Michael Graham, specialists in the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire countryside. On March 28, they are hosting a Country Living Fair at their Notting Hill office at 322a Portobello Road, showcasing a range of property perfect for those looking to move out, and there will be plenty of experts on hands to talk you through life in the country.

Feel free to ask them questions about life in the countryside. Many questions. Questions such as: Are the pubs any good? Are the schools any good? Do I really need a Range Rover to fit in? Listed or non-listed? Barbour or Schoffel? Thatched or slate? Labrador or Spaniel? Are you sure my friends will come and visit? And so on.

And for those already living in the countryside, who may be looking to downsize for whatever reason, the Country Living Fair is a great way to showcase your home and pass it on directly to those hungry for a new life in rural England. Maybe I will be one of them. Maybe my journey towards the dogs, cats, kids and cars will begin.

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