‘The best job in the world’: Listen to Mark Hedges on The Country Life Podcast

Country Life has launched a podcast, and for the first episode we're pulling back the curtain on the making of Country Life magazine by talking to its editor, Mark Hedges.

Ever Friday, starting from December 1, our host James Fisher will speak to a special guest about the world of country life — and indeed Country Life — to discuss everything that makes the British countryside so special, from charming country houses to the dogs we love, from sumptuous interiors to the finer things and life, and from the nation’s grandest architecture to the flora and fauna that thrive across the land.

The first episode of the Country Life podcast is live now, featuring the magazine’s long-standing editor, Mark Hedges, telling some of the best tales of his storied career, from  to persuading The King to guest edit the magazine — not once, but twice.

You can listen to it at all the most popular places to get your podcasts, including:

You can listen to the first episode directly in the page here:

The Country Life podcast is hosted by James Fisher; it’s produced and edited by Toby Keel; the music is by JuliusH; and special thanks to Future’s Head of Podcasts, Adam Wilbourn.

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