Simon Hopkinson

oxtail broth

Waste not, want not: once you’ve finished making this delicious broth, you can use the leftover oxtail meat however you wish.

roman stuffed tomatoes

At first glance, a baked tomato—on closer inspection, the delicious receptacle of a spicy-rice extravaganza.

Petits pois à la Française

Go green: a fine dish in its own right, Petits pois a la Francaise is also the perfect accompaniment to roast quail or squab pigeon.

Risi e bisi

Pretty peas: this Venetian classic, Risi e bisi, is similar to a risotto, but with a soup-like base.

strawberries in red wine

Soaking strawberries in wine and orange liqueur will lift their flavour to new heights, says Simon Hopkinson.