Bears Rock is bordered by the Rivers Bray and Holewater and boasts salmon and trout fishing on both, with the addition of a spring-fed, stocked trout lake. There is a pheasant drive, which is part of a local syndicate as well as Red and Roe deer.

When the current owners moved in eight years ago, their vision was to let all the land go back to it natural habitat. They had no livestock, took down all the fencing, cleared the riverbanks of dead trees. The fields were left to grow wild which encouraged new flowers to seed including an abundance of wild orchids.

The trout lake has become a wonderful haven for wild life: otters, dragon flies and masses of toads and frogs. Swallows feed at dusk and bats at night.

In May, the ancient wood (which extends to about 30 acres) is a carpet of bluebells and wonderful ferns.

Furthermore, the land joins the Tarka Trail and one can walk for miles through woodland and often see Red deer and huge stags during the rut.

The main house is a four-bedroom Devon long house and there is a secondary converted barn with two bedrooms and a terrace. In addition, there are three stables and tack room.

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  • James reed

    Hi I’m James, I’m really interested in outdoor country life and have been looking to get a foot in the door some how, I love animals and ideally would like to become a gamekeeper, unfortunaly I’ve made this dession a little later in life then most as I’m now 29, I’ve always been interested in this kind of work but I started my own building company when I was 20 and ran it succsesfully up until last year. After the death of my mum and separation of my wife I kind of gave up on life for a while and chucked it all in! Any way I’m back on my toes and happy again now and am currently just working for other builders, I’m strong, hard working and happy to get up and work early mornings in any weather and also put in long hours/days! I’m doing this looking for a job I love not for a large income as I’m fully aware this will not be the case. I’m also very interested in dog training and have studied it part time I’ve helped friends dogs with different behaviour problems and puppy training and have had a verry good successes rate, I’m also currently learning to ride a horse.
    I would be happy with just working a few evenings or weekends free of charge to show you how keen and hard working I am, I’m papered to do any work you give me, I’m a very fast learner and nothing will be to much. I feel that given time I could become an assets to you and your team not just becouse of my williness and hardworking but due to my skills in the building industry I’m a brick/stone layer by trade but cover all trades to very high standereds including plastering, tiling, roofing, plumbing, groundworks etc I can also operate most mechien such as diggers tractors etc, I own my own van and have a large number of tools to cover most jobs, so not only would you get a keen hardworking employ  you would also get your very own on site builder. 
    Many thanks for your time in reading this and I hope you will be able to find me a position and help me get started in a job I would love.
    I would really appreachate it if you could contact me and let me know either way so I’m not just waiting for a reply, or if you can’t offer me any thing but know some one who can it would be grate if you. Old pass this email on. Please feel free to contact me any time either on 07762160413 or many thanks.