Country Life’s 100-page Coronation souvenir issue: What’s inside and how to order a copy

Our 100-page special edition of Country Life is in the shops now.

The Country Life team worked tirelessly over the coronation weekend to put this very special magazine together, a one-off ‘bookazine’ which will be on sale for the next few weeks as a magnificent souvenir of an unforgettable occasion.

The magazine is in shops across the UK now, and is available to order via post both to the UK and across the world at Magazines Direct at the cover price of £8, with free postage and packing in the UK. Overseas prices vary.

Please note that this issue is outside of our regular schedule, and therefore won’t get sent to subscribers; all subscribers should pick up a copy in the shops or order via the link above to avoid disappointment. 

Among the many highlights within are:

Matthew Dennison’s definitive account of the coronation ceremony itself

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The Coronation procession: A picture essay

The Coronation by numbers

The Coronation Concert

Full contents:

Leader article

Clive Aslet celebrates our reigning monarch

In pictures: Get me to the Abbey on time

Long live our noble King!

Could anyone who watched King Charles being crowned failed to have been moved by the spectacle, asks Matthew Dennison

Their crowning glory

When Charles III felt the weight of St Edward’s Crown, he felt the weight of centuries, explains Matthew Dennison

The ride of a reign

The Gold State Coach is as magnificent a conveyance as any dreamt up by a fairy godmother, says Jack Watkins

In pictures: A rapturous welcome

The man who is King

Four friends of Country Life predict he will be a magnificent and much-loved monarch

Words of wisdom

The King has inspired many people in his lifetime. Amie Elizabeth White listens to what he and his admirers have to say

Saluting our new Queen

Our newly crowned Queen attracts admiration and devotion in  all she meets, says Jane Wheatley

In pictures: Behind the scenes

In pictures: Greeting the nation

Dishes fit for The King

John Williams, executive chef at The Ritz, talks to Emma Hughes about The King’s favourite recipe

Coin of the realm

Sculptor Martin Jennings created the likeness that will adorn The King’s coins. He talks to Timothy Mowl about the commission

In pictures: Revelling in royalty

In pictures: Get up and dance

The final countdown

Agnes Stamp goes through the numbers behind the big day