Alitex Series Video: How to clean flower pots

In the sixth of our how-to videos sponsored by Alitex, makers of bespoke greenhouses and conservatories, we show you how to clean your flower pots.

Sarah Wain, Gardens Supervisor at West Dean Gardens in West Sussex, shows us how to achieve pristine pots.

She explains that she cleans her pots at West Dean Gardens annually, and once again before potting up. Regularly cleaning your flower pots removes any residue fertiliser and destroys any lurking fungi or disease that could harm your plants.

She recommends cleaning flower pots outside in the summer, so you can enjoy the warm weather as you do so. For stubborn stains she recommends soaking the pot for 24 hours in the sink before cleaning and then, using brushes, sponges and soapy water, scrubbing the dirt from the pots.

Although some might consider this gardening task boring, she says it is, in fact, quite theraputic and enjoyable.

Remember – always think about the container you are potting your plant in and make sure it’s clean.

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