Inside Kate Moss’s bathroom, where the wallpaper alone took six months to create

Supermodel Kate Moss worked with de Gournay and Drummonds to creat an Art Deco-inspired bathroom.

Kate Moss bathroom

Sometimes, you need to take your time to get things right – but the results are usually worth it.

Take this bathroom as an example. It took Kate Moss a period of six months, in collaboration with de Gournay, to design the hand-painted Anemones in Light wallpaper which sets a romantic tone for this glamorous and eclectic bathroom.

Kate Moss

Already a client of the company, Kate was keen to combine the soft, floral quality of anemones with a more graphic aesthetic.

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Kate worked with Claud Cecil Gurney, who founded Chelsea-based de Gournay in 1986, to conceive the design. She was eager to include shards of light, meant to evoke the visual clarity of the Art Deco era, and challenged the team to successfully pair them with the organic shapes of the flowers.

To complement the wallpaper, Kate chose the Double Lowther vanity sink from luxury bathroom manufacturers Drummonds.

The top is made from Arabescato marble, the deep veins of which echo the shapes formed by the trailing flower stems on the wallpaper.

Above the sink is a mirrored cabinet, another nod to the Art Deco era, which is used to display a collection of scent bottles. It was designed and installed by David Lightfoot with Katie Grove.

Reflected in the mirror is an antique chandelier from Marylebone-based dealer James Worrall.

And finally, the curtains were made from vintage saris and sourced from the textile-restoration and conservation studio Janie Lightfoot.

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