The best wellington boots for walking, for the muddy treks when you need wellies — but not blisters

Long gone are the days where you would have to forego comfort for dry feet. We look at the best wellington boots for walking, the ideal footwear for all of your countryside rambles.

It’s the age old countryside-conundrum — having to decide before a long (probably wet, probably muddy) walk to either forego dry toes, or blister-free ankles. Extra thick socks and pockets full of plasters are a thing of the past, with innovation into shoe technology and practicality changing almost by the day.

If you’re after an all-round pair then check out our list of the best wellington boots, but below you’ll find the ones we believe are the best wellies for walking longer distances — boots that are designed to keep your feet as dry and as comfortable as possible.

Muckboot Edgewater II

The Edgewater II is a multi-purpose boot, designed with optimum foot support in mind. It has 5mm of breathable, neoprene lining, ensuring that your feet stay dry and warm. Featuring an angled top-line around the calf for extra support and an extended rubber coverage around the sole and foot to ensure ultimate comfort, it also comes with an aggressive waffle  (which sounds more like a brunch staple) outsole to provide extra grip in slippery conditions.

£95 from

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Le Chameau’s best-selling wellington boots — made in both men’s and women’s versions — are famed for first featuring an adjustable waterproof gusset which provides extra comfort around the leg. Made using neoprene, the material originally used to make diving suits, ensures the boots keep your feet well insulated, without over-heating and natural rubber, allows the boot to move easily with your foot.

£180 from Joules

Bog Workman

A Described as ‘ridiculously tough, improbably light’, the Bog Workman Insulated Work Boots are constructed of 7.5mm of neo-tech waterproof insulation, with a slip-resistant sole that makes them the ultimate cold weather boots. The heel lock fit around the ankles adds extra support whereas the insulation is said to keep even the toughest of toes warm in temperatures reaching -60 degrees Celsius!

£125 from or

Aigle Unisex Parcours 2 Vario

A famed wellington boot known for its comfort and style — and billed as an ‘anti-fatigue’ boot — the Aigle Unisex Parcours 2 Vario has a high-intensity, shock absorbing cushion in the sole, meaning your feet won’t hate you for the extra mile. With a waterproof, adjustable gusset to fit varying calf sizes and extra cushioning in the heel, the boots have all the characteristics of a walking boot, masquerading as a welly.

£145 from

Rockfish Groundhog

These vegan-friendly boots are technically more outdoor work boot than actual wellies, however, the Rockfish Groundhog boot is lined with 4mm of neoprene, protecting the wearer down to temperatures reaching -40 degrees Celsius, and features a lined midsole to help absorb the pressure from being on your feet all day. They’re also, er, apparently completely resistant to horse urine — but if you keep your distance, I’m sure a lot of boots are.

£124.99 from

Hunter Balmoral Adjustable Boots

It wouldn’t really be a wellington boot round-up if Hunter weren’t on the list. The Balmoral Adjustable Boots are designed with a durable outsole which offers shock absorption and increased comfort. There is also a multi-directional tread to help keep any mud from getting stuck in the sole and causing you to slip. If that all wasn’t enough, they also come with a 3mm and 5mm gel inserts for extra, extra comfort.

£150 from

Ariat Burford

A wellie boot with a zip! Ready to take on the most difficult of terrains is the Ariat Burford Boot, featuring Aerogel insulation for extra warmth in the coldest of conditions. They even have a little ‘heel kick’ feature on the back, which gets my vote.

£190 from

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