Bealach na Bà, on the Applecross peninsula: Travelling the steepest road in Britain

Bealach na Bà is as unforgettable and beautiful as it is nerve wracking.

An extraordinary, winding mountain pass, built in 1822, Bealach na Bà makes for a nail-bitingly beautiful drive, offering views from its 2,054ft summit over to the Isles of Skye, Rum, Raasay, Rona, Harris and Lewis.

The historic Bealach na Bà, is a twisting, single-track mountain road that almost defies photography.

The single-track, historic drovers’ lane travels up, down and around hairpins through the mountains of the remote Applecross peninsula as if they were the Alps and, at Bealach na Bà (‘pass of the cattle’), features the steepest ascent of any road in the UK.

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