GM crops must be accepted

GM crops must be accepted by the British public as part of the solution to the global food crisis, says Environment Minister Phil Woolas.

Phil Woolas has urged the British public to accept genetically modified crops, and is understood to be working with the Agricultural Biotechnology Council, which was formed in 2000 to promote biotechnology in agriculture.

Mr Woolas said: ‘There is a growing question of whether GM crops can help the developing world out of the current food price crisis.

‘It is a question that we as a nation need to ask ourselves. The debate is already under way.’

Country Life’s 2008 manifesto stated that we should ‘learn to love GM crops’ and the Government has already declared that there is no scientific case for a ban on GM crops.

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Only one trial is currently under way, involving potatoes in Cambridgeshire. However, Environment Minister Phil Woolas has just declared that the British public must learn to accept GM crops as part of the solution to the food crisis.

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