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Location drives house prices

House price growth, although falling in some areas of the country, has risen at unprecedented levels in our national parks and world heritage sites over the past five years and research by Savills has located the top ten scenic locations to live. The places were judged by government statistics, wealth, house price growth, and quality of life.

The top ten were deemed to be (with growth in five years in brackets)
* Loddon, The Broads,(40%)
* Bakewell, Peak District, (76%)
* Stokesley/Great Ayton, North Yorkshire Moors (75%)
* Ambleside, Lake District (89%)
* Ivybridge, Dartmoor National Park (72%)
* Bath (57%)
* Brockenhurst, New Forest (71%)
* Aberdovey, Snowdonia (194%)
* Edinburgh City (76%)
* Chagford, Dartmoor (66%)
* Callendar, Loch Lomond (82%)

Even though prices will have dipped during the current market downturn, across the top 10 average house price growth was 90% over the five years to the end of 2007, said Savills. This is pushed up by Aberdovey, where Land Registry sales indicate that the average value of properties sold have risen by 227% in the past five years from £98,000 to £320,000. Excluding Aberdovey the average growth is 71%.

Lucian Cook Director of Savills research commented: ‘House prices in these locations were 73% higher than their neighbours. The point is that they are all incredibly scenic, with a small number of houses available, kept tight by constraints on development, so they attract a premium. The survey also shows, however, that – whether you have a modest budget of can afford to splash out on a fantasy – there is something for everyone.’

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