Princess Anne’s guest-edited issue of Country Life: What you’ll find inside

HRH The Princess Royal has guest edited the July 29 issue of Country Life magazine.

The magazine will be on sale from Wednesday 29th July.  If you aren’t able to get to a shop to pick up the magazine you can buy a single issue here if you’re in the UK or here if you’re overseas.

Here’s a selection of some of the articles you’ll find in this very special 172-page issue.

THE COUNTRYSIDE CRUSADERS: The Princess Royal has picked out her list of rural champions who are making a real difference. Julie Harding went to talk to them.

WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: The Princess Royal’s leader article on how we can all help to work for a better future for the countryside.

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LIFE AT GATCOMBE PARK: Country Life was granted an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look into Princess Anne’s life at her Gloucestershire home.

THE PRINCESS ROYAL’S FAVOURITE PAINTING: Princess Anne chooses a stirring sea scape that sparks happy childhood memories.

TO THE LIGHTHOUSE: A trip to Islay’s breathtaking Rubh’A’Mhall Lighthouse, with its remote and beautiful garden.

MY WEEK, BY VICE-ADMIRAL SIR TIM LAURENCE: Princess Anne’s husband writes about tree planting, mowing paths and dry-stone walling.

SHEEPDOGS: The synergy between human, sheepdog and sheep.

THE MOREDUN RESEARCH INSTITUTE: Prof Julie Fitzpatrick on the pioneering work into curing livestock disease which is carried out at this fine institution.

PRINCESS ANNE’S FAVOURITE RECIPE: The Ritz’s executive chef cooks devilled pheasant, while Tom Parker-Bowles looks on.

THE REAL STORY OF FARM TO FORK: The neglected story of how food actually reaches our tables is of great interest to Princess Anne, who holds an HGV licence herself and sympathises greatly with those who work in logistics.

INTERVIEW — JOHN JEFFREY: The ex-Scotland rugby international and farmer on the Calcutta Cup, Borders farm life and discussing rolling mauls with the Princess Royal.

THE SAVING OF RUINED COUNTRY HOUSES: Sir Tim Laurence, chairman of the English Heritage Trust, on the best ways to celebrate and save ruins.