The £11,000 dog sofa, the £640 water bowl and other extraordinary things for pampered pets

Nothing is too good for our furry friends, as this pick of utterly marvellous — if slightly unhinged — shopping options demonstrates perfectly.

A sofa just for the dogs

Christopher Howe’s creation (pictured at the top of the page) was inspired by a visit a quarter of a century ago to view Newark Park, a 16th century hunting lodge in the Cotswolds, when he spotted a settee with two great danes dozing happily upon it. Years later he came across another similar model which reminded him of the original, and inspired this hand-made, painstakingly-created version —

Just don’t be surprised if your canine companion takes to barking at you to get off, in the event that you dare to sit on it.
Made to order, but around £11,724 from

If budget or space prevent you from plumping for the Christopher Howe dog sofa above, Orvis’s cosy alternative protects your own sofa without resorting to dog-proof coverings across the whole thing.
£130 from Orvis

Why have a dog collar when you can have a shocking pink dog collar with orange trim?

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Okay, so maybe these aren’t the choice if you’re donning a set of tweeds and heading off for a weekend in a country pile owned by a friend of a friend. But for those bored of dog collars available in any-colour-so-long-as-it’s-brown, these cute Charley Chau options will hit the spot. And if you are set on something more traditional, the same company also make Harris tweed versions.
£50 from Holly & Lil

The future (of dog collars) is orange

If you’re after a gloriously bright collar as above, but feel you’re short-changing Fido by only spending £50 on him or her, we have the answer, courtesy of Lord Lou: these collars are hand-made in France from saddle-leather, and coloured using vegetable-based dyes for safety.
£220 from Harrods

Even dogs taste food with their eyes

Okay, do they? Well, probably not. But your stylish dog needs — nay, deserves better than a plastic bowl that you found in the garage.

Whether you go for a slightly kitschy Sophie Allport, an absurdly chic Emma Firenze option, the Cornishware one which looks suspiciously like a normal cereal bowl, the marble creation from an iconic French designer or the Royalty-ready bowl with a truly sensational £640 price tag, the choice is yours.

Woof dog bowl by Sophie Allport — £14 from

Emma Firenze ceramic dog bowl, from £69.99 at

Cornish dog bowl, £25, Cornishware —


Yves Saint Laurent marble dog bowl — £395 from

Christofle double-dog bowl — £640 from Selfridges