The dogs of Country Life: The labradors, terriers and teddy bears that we call family

We’re fortunate enough to meet your dogs every day, so we thought it was high time you saw what our crew of canines were up to while they work with us from home.

Tiger, Labrador

Tiger, the dog of Country Life's Editor, Mark Hedges

Pictured above, Tiger belongs to our fearless leader, Mark Hedges, Editor. She’s good as gold when she comes into the office, although she’s been known to tear up a toilet roll or two at home…

Peanut, Border Terrier

peanut, Emma Earnshaw

Peanut is a playful Border terrier and regular fixture in the Country Life offices, waiting for her ball to be thrown across the room by one editor or another. She lives with Emma Earnshaw, Art Editor.

Nimrod, Labrador

Nimrod and chester lester

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Nimrod has been with us and his owner, Paula Lester, Managing & Features Editor since he was a wee puppy. Now a grown up, pictured here with his brother Chester, he’s recently welcomed a new sister…

Mole, Labrador puppy

Mole, paula lester

Mole is the most adorable thing any of us have seen (or not, since she’s been socially-distancing since she met her family!) in a very long time. Sister to Nimrod, she joins Nimrod and Chester in the Lester household.

Dolly Pawton, Rescue

Dolly, Victoria Marston

We’re not entirely sure what goes into Dolly’s mixture, maybe some collie, chihuahua and kokoni. Either way, she’s absolutely adorable and a brilliant addition to the office, completely besotted with her owner Victoria Marston, Deputy Features Editor.

Timmy, Cockapoo

Timmy, giles kime

Timmy Kime is friendly, sociable and the perfect match for his owner Giles, Interiors Editor. It was his birthday on Thursday!

Daisy, Cocker Spaniel

Daisy, Tiffany Daneff

Daisy is appropriately named, as the dog of Tiffany Daneff, Gardens Editor.

Eddie, Whippet

eddie, octavia

Eddie lives with the parents of Octavia Pollock, Chief Sub Editor. He sleeps all day when he’s in the office, making him the perfect desk companion.

Rosie, Labrador

Rosie the labrador, walking along the Thames in Berkshire.

Rosie belongs to the family of Alexandra Fraser, Deputy Digital Editor and Social Media Manager. She likes long walks by the river and will jump in, even in January.

Checkers, Jack Russel

Checkers, Kate Green

Checkers belongs to Kate Green, Deputy Editor. His favourite TV programs are Dad’s Army, and documentary, the rugby and racing.

Oakley, Labrador

Oakley, Dean Usher

Oakley is a fun-sized, very well behaved labrador. He loves a good run with his owner Dean Usher, Group Art Editor.

Gus, Wilson, Mabel and Patsy

gus wilson mabel patzy, polly paterson

This cuddly crew are part of the Paterson clan with Rosie Paterson, Travel & London Life Editor.

Cleo, Fluff

cleo, polly paterson

Cleo is also a Paterson. She actually made it into the polling stations for the Christmas election last year. 

Phoebe, Teddy Bear

phoebe ford, lucy ford

This ball of fluff belongs to Lucy Ford, Picture Editor. She’s pure, unadulterated cuteness.

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