Traeth Llyfn beach, Pembrokeshire: ‘A beach so remote you’ll be the sole person on it’

The remote Traeth Llyfn beach is a Secret Britain spot accessible only by the adventurous.

On the wild Welsh coast overlooking St George’s Channel, Traeth Llyfn beach is so remote you’ll be the sole person on it.

It’s only accessible from the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, a little over half a mile’s walk from Abereiddi to the south or a little further from Porthgain, and, because the beach sits in a secluded crook of soaring slate and shale cliffs, access is tricky.

The rock formations on the sand at Traeth Llyfn.

You’ll need to descend via a small staircase set into the cliff edge, said to have been built by Italian prisoners-of-war, but beware — the steps are cut off at high tide and the undercurrent is strong.

The Blue Lagoon of Abereiddi is worth a visit, too, a sea-flooded old slate quarry that’s now a popular diving spot.

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