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A Grade A-listed home in Scotland with its own antique shop for less than £1 million

At Inchmartine House, history breathes through the walls of this large and comfortable home.

I learned to play table tennis, not on a table tennis table, but on a dining room table. Instead of a net, we used hard-back books about vikings by an author called Conn Igulden if my memory serves, and the uneven warping of the wood meant that you could never really trust the bounce. Learning the secrets of the table was as important as learning how to hit a forehand, backhand, topspin, slice and so on.

The table tennis room. Sublime.

This was a memory I had not thought of for some time, until I saw the above picture. They say smell is the best trigger of memory but sight is surely a close second. I know this table, even though I’ve never played on it. It looks nicer than the one I learned on — at least they bothered to paint it green, add some lines and an actual net. 

Entrance hall. Some excellent wallpaper.

This table tennis table is itself an accurate representation of the house in which you’ll find it. Inchmartine House — for sale with Strutt & Parker for offers over £975,000 — is a classic Georgian house that is listed Grade A and can trace its roots back to William I ‘The Lion’.

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The dining room.

Peering around the interiors as I have done, in a digital sense at least, it’s clear to see that this is a house with great history. Many of the rooms still boast plenty of original features, be they delicate cornice work, original doors, wood panelling and bay windows. 

The current owners have added their own flair to the place, which might not necessarily be to everyone’s taste. What it certainly does do is make for some interesting pictures. Like this one.

A most exceptional drawing room. Look at that ceiling!

And this one.

Fine plasterwork. Wood panelling. Ticking all the boxes

More important than wallpaper choices and kitchen appliances is that this is a Grade A listed home, with more than 10,000sq ft of living space and 8.6 acres of land and you could, potentially, purchase it for less than £1 million. It has six bedrooms and at the moment one of the annexes is used as an antiques shop. This is a property with a lot going on.

The kitchen could probably do with some updating.

As well as being a great property, it’s also in a great location near the city of Perth. Edinburgh and Glasgow are both less than an hour away, and there is plenty to do if you are interested in golf, fishing, walking in the highlands, cycling, skiing and just about anything else.

A sublime spot in this elegant part of the Scottish lowlands.

Inchmartine House is for sale with Strutt & Parker. For more information and pictures, click here