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Invest in property abroad

An opportunity for investment, plus access to luxury houses all over the world, has been launched by two figures familiar with international travel and property. David Rogers and Desmond Patrick-Smith, Founders of Rocksure properties, previously worked for tour operator Abercrombie & Kent who dealt in the luxury travel market internationally.

Their first venture, termed the Alpha Fund, which let investors stay in properties they had invested in, and then make their money once the fund is dissolved, was a roaring success and they are now steaming ahead into their second phase of their plan.

Rocksure has now launched the Bravo Fund which will have six properties in Brazil, Thailand, Morocco the Rocky mountains, the Algarve and the Adriatic coast. For £189,000 (the cost of one unit) you receive an average of up to 4 weeks at the properties each year, made up of an average of two high season weeks and two mid season weeks. The fund lasts seven years, and once it is dissolved investors receive whatever profit has been made by the properties in that time, minus a fee taken by Rocksure for the administration of the fund.

All the properties are worth an average of £1m, and they have been selected both for their high quality and their potential to accrue value during the lifetime of the fund. Rocksure aims to give members a chance to stay in different parts of the world – from ski chalets to beachfront villas – in fantastic comfort, while making money at the same time.

The Bravo fund closes in the spring next year, and a third find is planned to launch in the summer.

To find out more information, visit their website, or send them a message to get in touch with you.