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Top ten countries to buy property overseas

A survey of readers of a property investment magazine reveals where they are most interested in buying property abroad

The top ten best in which to buy property to let have been revealed in a new survey conducted by property investment magazine Jet-to-Let. Over 36% of readers of their investment supplement said they were interested in buying property abroad and the most popular country was Cyprus while the UK comes eighth in 2009.

The top ten counties for investment in 2009 according to Jet-to-Let readers are:

1. Cyprus
2. France
3. USA
4. UAE
5. India
6. Spain
7. Italy
8. United Kingdom
9. Morocco
10. Greece and Turkey

Dominic Farrell, editor of the magazine said he wasn’t surprised the UK made it into the top ten for the first time: ‘There are presently fantastic bargains in the UK for investors with the foresight and courage to see beyond the current economic climate. France and Spain will always be in the top ten for UK and Irish buyers, but the relegation of Spain to number six reflects the change in market conditions and an erosion of confidence in the Spanish market.’

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Mr Farrell added that it’s important for investors to see beyond the immediate economic crisis: ‘This is a moment of opportunity for investors and those who take action will reap the benefits in years to come,’ he said. ‘We will not always be in a recession and the economic policies being adopted now will eventually bear fruit.’