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Which London properties would pay mansion tax?

Research reveals 11,462 London homes would face mansion tax.

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Rising house prices in London over the past decade have turned a record number of homeowners in the capital into property millionaires.

Labour leader Ed Miliband said that owners of properties worth more than £2m would face an annual charge. New research by Property Division, the property investment news hub, reveals that 11,462 London properties would face this proposed tax.

While it comes as no surprise that Westminster and neighbouring Kensington and Chelsea are top of the list when it comes to boroughs with the highest number of £2m-plus properties, it is interesting to note that London’s property boom means areas not normally associated with wealth, such as Croydon and Tower Hamlets, also have properties that pass the mansion tax threshold.

11,462 London Homes Face Mansion Tax - Inforgraphic

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