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Video: How Sir Winston Churchill’s London home has changed since 1965

A unique chance to see before-and-after images of the home of a Great British icon.

Last week, Country Life reported on Sir Winston Churchill’s house in London, which is up for sale for the first time since 1965.

Today, the property in Kensington is on the market with Strutt & Parker for £23,000,000 – you can read more details and see pictures of the property here.

Every house changes enormously over the course of half a century, and the former Prime Minister’s home has been no exception.

Indeed, you might wonder if the great man himself might even recognise it, were he to be transported here today.

We dug through the Country Life Picture Library’s matchless archives to find the original advertisement placed by Knight, Frank & Rutley (as they were called at the time) to see what the place looked like when Sir Winston passed away.

What we found was fascinating – we’ve reproduced the advertisement below, and compiled the most interesting comparisons into the video you should see playing on this page.

We’ve also put a note in the Country Life calendar for 2069, so we can revisit this page to see how the next owner puts their own stamp on the place. No doubt by then it’ll include a virtual reality room and a space rocket launchpad.

Sir Winston Churchill's London home as it was when it went on the market in 1965

Sir Winston Churchill’s London home as it was when it went on the market in 1965