My Favourite painting series, from Country Life

Baptism of Christ, 1450 (egg tempera on panel)

My favourite painting: Lady Sarah Chatto

‘I find the colours and the drawing of the Italian landscape inspirational and each time I stand and contemplate this painting, I discover something new about it.’

An Allegory with Venus and Time

My favourite painting: Michael Hall

An Allegory with Venus and Time, 1754, by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696–1770), 115in by 75in, National Gallery, London Michael Hall chooses An Allegory with Venus and Time ‘I read Michael…

Doris, 2015, by Emma Sergeant

My favourite painting: Adam Zamoyski

'One look at the picture evokes the stiff-terrier-legged, rat-murdering, wild-boar-defying bravery and the heart-melting sweetness of the little thing that brings so much joy to our lives.'

The Surrender of Breda, 1625, c.1635 (oil on canvas) (see also 68345)

My favourite painting: Chris Patten

'It exemplifies one of the most important values in public life–or in all life, for that matter–namely, magnanimity.'

The Hay Wain, 1821 (oil on canvas) by Constable, John (1776-1837); 130.2x185.4 cm; National Gallery, London. (Photograph:

My Favourite Painting: Sir Jim Paice

Sir Jim Paice, chairman of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, makes his choice – and it's one of the undisputed classic images of the English countryside.

Marcus Agius

My favourite painting: Marcus Agius

'I was fortunate to be present in New York in 1987 at the auction where the painting achieved its then world-record price of $53.9 million'