My Favourite painting series, from Country Life

The Hay Wain, 1821 (oil on canvas) by Constable, John (1776-1837); 130.2x185.4 cm; National Gallery, London. (Photograph:

My Favourite Painting: Sir Jim Paice

Sir Jim Paice, chairman of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, makes his choice – and it's one of the undisputed classic images of the English countryside.

Marcus Agius

My favourite painting: Marcus Agius

'I was fortunate to be present in New York in 1987 at the auction where the painting achieved its then world-record price of $53.9 million'

george carter

My favourite painting: George Carter

'When I bought Dorothy Stroud’s pioneering book on Repton, shortly after its publication in 1962, I was enthralled by his vision of the British landscape'

cath kidston

My favourite painting: Cath Kidston

'In my dreams I would love an empty white room with just this in and a comfortable floor cushion for odd moments of reflection '

My favourite painting: Baroness Boothroyd OM

'This depiction of Elizabeth I impressed me deeply when I first saw it more than 60 years ago. She refused to be deflected by marriage from her duties as Queen…

Ruth Rogers

My favourite painting: Ruth Rogers

'It was a painting I knew well from photographs and books, but nothing prepared me for the power of seeing it in front of me.'