Landowners beware the blame culture

The laws are improving, but occupiers should still keep their properties in order, lest they fall foul of the blame game, roger field advises

British Accents

A look at a fascinating new website from the British Library which brings together sound recordings of hundreds of regional accents from England and Wales.

The Tweed Comes up Trumps

As the Tweed offers up better catches than ever, gloomy forecasters who claim salmon fishing is in terminal decline may be forced to eat their words.

Wild Boar Threat Grows

Farmers are urging Defra to control wild boar numbers in England to prevent the spread of disease as well as interbreeding.

Autumn Migration

The Baltic Island of Oland is one of the finest places in Europe to watch birds on the move, says David Tomlinson who marvelled at the copious quantities of robins…

Castle Howard, Yorkshire

Few of the many visitors who enjoy Castle Howard's splendid architecture and collections realise that, following a devastating fire in 1940, the house's future was at stake

Wild Boar in Britain

Wild boar survived in England until the 14th century after which a number of attempts were made to reintroduce them, none of which were successful until the 1980s when they…

Terrier Ban Will Affect Shooting

Terrier work is the latest victim of a series of amendments to the Hunting Bill, which saw rural affairs minister Alun Michael voting against his own Bill, as country sports…