Arabella Youens meets Gustav Temple, who calls for a return to tweed in protest against today's 'indifferent and inelegant' society.

Spain is the destination of choice for British second-home buyers, says Penny Churchill

The largest church in Dublin houses the relics of St.Valentine, often visited in the month of February.

Despite the events of September 11, the Spanish property market is booming and, in particular, recent close scrutiny by German tax authorities has meant that opportunities to buy in Mallorca…

Four girls set out on an epic journey: retracing the ancient Silk Road on camel and horseback, travelling five thousand miles in eight months.

Michael Hall applauds a new collection of tender yet unflinching short stories about childhood, unexpected liaisons, families and loss from Susan Hill, a contributor to Country Life's My Week column.

The Pursuit of Paradise offers a personal account of a life spent thinking about, writing about and - most importantly - going to gardens.

God's Funeral brings to life the intellectual battles between scientists and prelates of the 19th century and explains what went wrong with the Victorians when it came to perhaps the…

Anthony du Gard Pasley explains how to overcome the most common problems found in town gardens: poverty of light, bad soil and lack of space

Compact, informative and easy to use, this is the perfect guide for anyone with a budding interest in our feathered friends and those who wish to secure a greater knowledge…

The perfect accompaniment for game dishes

Jonathan Scott's erudite account of the re-migration of sculpture collections from America to Britain is packed with information on the antiquities trade. It also brings to life the flawed obsessions…

Like every good cocktail, Martini- David Taylor's book on James Bond's favourite drink - mixes quotes, anecdotes and recipes to perfection.

This book conveys the richness and diversity of the buildings and monuments in the care of the government agency Historic Scotland.