Country Life

At Country Life Magazine we bring readers an incredibly diverse range of material.

One week we’re writing about caviar from Exmoor or the rise and fall of the smoking room in the country house in the 19th century;  a few days later we’re reviewing a Botticelli exhibition or advising on box blight.

We celebrate the seasons every year- who doesn’t love the first whiff of spring in the air after a long, hard winter? But as the wildflowers and the dawn chorus appear as heralds of summer we are instantly converted. Likewise, as the days get shorter and the smell of woodsmoke fills the air, don’t we all become seduced by the beauty of autum, and its natural bounty, from sloes to mushrooms. We also have a great sloe gin recipe.

Country Life likes to try to cover the best bits of the British countryside from favourite dogs to country houses, country events and rural issues, as well as country sports and pursuits, from three day events like Badminton to the best places to fish. It’s a diverse range of subjects – more diverse than most-  but then life in the country has a great deal to offer and we would hate to miss anything. Do let us know if we have..