The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier (author of Girl with a Pearl Earring) evokes in the reader a passion for tapestry where previously there was none, says Clive…

There is far more to the Balearic Islands than is commonly perceived: Arabella Youens sheds new light on these surprisingly varied isles.

Save Gwrych Castle

Once a splendid 19th-century Gothic castle, Gwrych has been reduced to a shell by squatters, vandals and arson. An 18-year-old history student is spearheading a campaign to restore it.

Ferenc Máté's tragicomic attempts to find and purchase his dream property in Tuscany make for an entertaining read

If only one book on the repair and maintenance of old houses was permitted on the bookshelf, Matthew Slocombe recommends this one as an authoritative, jargon-free source of information.

Ursula Buchan's approach to gardening is witty and refreshing and her book, Good in a Bed, showcases the very best of her writing, making for a very pleasant read.

Damson and sloe gin is best made in the summer months while the fruits are at their most succulent. Chris Barber passes on his surefire recipe

Galway County Council has introduced laws to stop English-speaking settlers building new homes on the scenic Connemara coastline.

Wakehurst Place, Sussex

Ardingly, Haywards Heath, West Sussex Telephone: 01444 894066. Open everyday, 10am - 4pm in winter, 10am - 7pm in summer.

The palazzi of Rome is a huge subject and the study of it is still in its infancy, but this book, which includes the catalogue of the exhibition held this…

The Reverend Nigel Whiney, Rural Dean of the Crewkerne-Ilminster Deanery, tells of his busy Easter schedule in Somerset.

Kathryn Bradley-Hole encourages gardeners not to be shy of cutting their bush roses quite fiercely, for a hard prune at this time of year will encourage strong growth.

Giles Worsley enjoys an impressive history of country houses in the Douglas Valley, Lancashire, which reveal an entertaining tradition of social one-upmanship through architecture.

Although Laurence Catlow's obsession with fishing literature takes its toll on his own prose, his latest book, Once a Flyfisher, makes for a touching read.

Very popular with the Victorians, this cake fell out of favour in the Edwardian era - which is a pity because it is exquisite.