Damson and sloe gin is best made in the summer months while the fruits are at their most succulent. Chris Barber passes on his surefire recipe

Kathryn Bradley-Hole encourages gardeners not to be shy of cutting their bush roses quite fiercely, for a hard prune at this time of year will encourage strong growth.

The palazzi of Rome is a huge subject and the study of it is still in its infancy, but this book, which includes the catalogue of the exhibition held this…

The Reverend Nigel Whiney, Rural Dean of the Crewkerne-Ilminster Deanery, tells of his busy Easter schedule in Somerset.

With a constant rate of growth in the number of foreign residents looking to buy second homes, Spain, and particularly Mallorca are wise choices for investment, agree estate agents in…

Leslie Geddes-Brown discovers some of the joys of Tweed

Giles Worsley enjoys an impressive history of country houses in the Douglas Valley, Lancashire, which reveal an entertaining tradition of social one-upmanship through architecture.

Although Laurence Catlow's obsession with fishing literature takes its toll on his own prose, his latest book, Once a Flyfisher, makes for a touching read.

Very popular with the Victorians, this cake fell out of favour in the Edwardian era - which is a pity because it is exquisite.

The asparagus season is terribly short: Chris Barbar recommends a few recipes to ensure we make the most of this versatile vegetable while it lasts.

Common in midland and northern Ireland, boxty was an integral part of the Hallowe'en and New Year's Eve celebrations. During the year, it served as an accompaniment to the main…

A surfeit of rain has even gardeners in East Anglia wondering when things will dry up.

Madrid has been called Europe's largest port - which is strange, since it is far from the sea. But the Spanish appetite for fish and seafood is prodigious.

The Heritage of Trees is a concisely written anthropological account of tree-worship across several different ages and civilisations

A Cornish speciality which brings welcome relief from the pasty.

An apple cost Adam and Eve the Garden of Eden, and caused the siege of Troy in Homer's Iliad. Find out what is so irresistible about this simple yet luscious…