Simon Hopkinson

Petits pois à la Française

Go green: a fine dish in its own right, Petits pois a la Francaise is also the perfect accompaniment to roast quail or squab pigeon.

Risi e bisi

Pretty peas: this Venetian classic, Risi e bisi, is similar to a risotto, but with a soup-like base.

strawberries in red wine

Soaking strawberries in wine and orange liqueur will lift their flavour to new heights, says Simon Hopkinson.

Bread and butter pudding. Popular dessert UK

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for those yummy hot puddings served up when we were little?

salad of poultry gizzards

Shiver me gizzards: this classic salad dish from the south of France, with hot confit duck gésiers, makes a substantial lunch or supper.

Simon Hopkinson explains how to make the perfect baked egg, and suggests some toppings, from black truffles to béarnaise sauce

roast game recipe

If you want to cook game this Christmas, consider teal or partridge. We show you how to get the most out of these delicious birds.

It’s not easy at all to cook perfect rice. Here are two recipes, a pilaf and a risotto, which make the most of good rice

Keep your cool this summer with refreshing Vichyssoise, says Simon Hopkinson, and pair it with freshly baked focaccia.