The perfect pork fillet recipe

I had this delicious fried pork with fennel and Borretane onions in a trattoria in Tuscany. The chef had used the Sienese Cinta Senese rare-breed pig, but a good British pork fillet is nearly as good. Serves two.

1 pork fillet

2 bulbs fennel

10 or so Borretane onions (Waitrose has them, otherwise use small shallots fried until soft)

Parsley, salt and pepper

Olive oil

Cut the fennel into six vertical sections and blanch in boiling salted water for two minutes. Fry slowly in oil until tender and caramelised. Cut the pork into discs, 1cm thick, after removing the fat and tendons. Fry the discs slowly in oil until browned on both sides. Add the fennel to the pork, plus the onions, and stew together for five or so minutes. Serve with chopped parsley, pan juices, and a wedge of lemon. Excellent with country bread or tagliatelle (which you wouldn’t get in Tuscany, but there’s no need to be purist).