11 pretty cushions to add a touch of colour and pizzazz to your living room

Cushions have been a mainstay of British living rooms since the Middle Ages. Amelia Thorpe makes her choice of some of the prettiest choices out there today.

Walk into a hotel room these days and you’re generally greeted by the sight of a bed covered in as many cushions as the structure can stand.

If you’re the sort of person who groans at this sight and immediately chucks them all into a pile on the floor, then you might want to skip what follows beneath. Indeed, we’d probably advise that you ask yourself why you clicked this link in the first place.

If you’re the other type of person, however — the type who coos appreciatively, and instantly starts wondering which of the assembled cushions might work on the sofa in the front room — then you’ll love this round-up of 11 pretty cushions that’s been painstakingly collated by one of your tribe.

Rose Lullaby cushion

£45, Susie Watson Designs — www.susiewatsondesigns.co.uk

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Togo Pink cushion

£49, Andrew Martin — www.andrewmartin.co.uk

Aakaar Stripe square cushion in Pink

£32.50, Birdie Fortescue — www.birdiefortescue.co.uk

Orange Chiltern small cushion

£95, Fermoie — www.fermoie.com

Green Sari cushions

£264 each, Guinevere — www.guinevere.co.uk

Mythical Creatures cushion

£265, Shop Kit Kemp — www.shopkitkemp.com

Grace cushion in Lara Sage

£56, Neptune — www.neptune.com

Tanaman cushion cover

£95, OKA — www.oka.com

Golden Sun cushion

£280, Penny Morrison— www.pennymorrison.com

Saltaire cushion in Orange Pink Purple

£85, Wicklewood — www.wicklewood.com