How to put your money where your mouth is: 20 Eco-friendly products for home, garden and driveway

From veg boxes and green toilet paper to vehicles which will help save the planet, here's our pick of some of the best environmentally-friendly products on the market.

Global WAKEcup bamboo water bottle

£18 with 10% of profits going to The Marine Conservation Society and Plastic Oceans, at Not on the High Street –

OXO glass food storage containers, which prevent potentially harmful chemicals from leaching into your food

£7, at John Lewis –

Naturally derived and biodegradable washing-up liquid

£3, Method –

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The Cora Ball, to collect and trap micro plastics and synthetic fibres inside your washing machine.

£29.94, at Babipur –

Organic food box

£11.75, Riverford –

Machine washable rugs made from recycled plastic bottles

£40, Weaver Green –

All-recycled Arbor backpack

£65, Patagonia –

Folding bike, for a greener commute

£745, Brompton –

English-walnut Bayleaf desk

£5,250, Sebastian Cox –

Eco-linen duvet cover and pillow set in pure white

£150, Noctu –

Widecombe organic wool mattress

£800, Cottonsafe Natural Mattress –

GOTS certified organic cotton jersey pyjamas

£48, The Bright Company  

Reusable Mooncup to help combat the 45 billion feminine hygiene products disposed of globally, every year

£21.99, Mooncup –

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Loo paper made from environmentally friendly, recycled materials.

£24 for 24 rolls, with 50% of profits used to fund the construction of loos for the 2.3 billion people around the world who do not have access to one, Who Gives a Crap –

Shaving set

£24.99, Mutiny — a vegan, plastic-free and zero-carbon company –

Electric motorbike

£10,490, Zero Motorcycles –

Jaguar I-PACE electric car

£64,495 –

The Green cone composter and food-waste digester

£109.99, Primrose –

Decking made from 95% recycled material

Arbordeck –

Interactive solitray bee hive

£29.99, Wildlife World –