The luxury of an armchair which one wishes to sink into and never escape

The activity of sitting has been much-maligned, but now receives an elegant makeover in the form of a moss green armchair from The Queen of Serene.

It is a necessary evil that with the breadth of knowledge which accompanies scientific advancement, many of our favourite habits have been classed as ‘unhealthy’ and cast to the wayside.

From standing desks to breakfast bars, the world of interior design has long accepted the popular maxim that sitting all day is bad for your health (who knew?) and adjusted accordingly. Treadmill work stations have become increasingly popular in the last five-or-so years and lunch breaks seem to be no longer for eating, but for yoga, running and the like.

But no longer. For interior designer Rose Uniacke ( has produced a chair that longs to be sunk into and never escaped; from the woman dubbed ‘The Queen of Serene’, we’d expect nothing less.

Designed for those who enjoy the comfort of a traditionally upholstered, grand-scale armchair, the Drawing Room armchair (£4,560) has a simple, elegant outline that makes it suited to both classic and contemporary settings. The arms, described as ‘swept out’, long to welcome one lucky person into their embrace as all thoughts of ‘walking meetings’ and taking the stairs flee from their mind.

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In the middle of the room or tucked under a window, this chair is sure to compliment any period of interior design, drawing both the eye and, more likely, the body, into its large frame.

For those familiar with the phrase ‘depth of seat’ this sedentary sultan has it in spades, and thus is quite a bit larger than your traditional armchair in order to maintain graceful proportions. Upholstered in 12 m of velvet in the appropriately-named shade ‘Cotton Velvet Moss’, (£75 a metre), the Drawing Room armchair whispers of long evenings by the fire and curling up with a good book.

After all, if we do truly spend more than eight hours a day sitting, why not do it in style?