The Utterly Inessential Spring Shopping List: A few of life’s little luxuries to brave the strange time between winter and summer

The strange time between these two seasons has been made all the more strange by the current circumstances. However, there's nothing like a little retail therapy to make one prepared to face the coming season, whatever it may hold. Alexandra Fraser rounds up some of her spring favourites.

Stylish sunglasses

Titan Accent Shades

Now that the sun is up, driving to the shops (once a day max per household, only for essentials) without sunglasses is just dangerous. Feel like a glamorous 60s petrol head is as easy as a pair of Silhouettes, and isn’t it time that you invested in a decent pair of sunglasses anyway?

N.B. This is from the woman who lost a pair in the sea twice within 5 minutes. They were not located the second time.

Silhouette Titan Accent Shades, £325,

April Showers

tide rain jacket

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There is no telling what the weather will do next. For that, you’ll need a raincoat that’s fashionable enough to drape whimsically over your arm, but sturdy enough to actually work as an actual raincoat. Try this Easter-yellow number on for size – Tog24 never disappoint in brilliantly made, super comfy, stylish clothing.

Tide women’s waterproof jacket, now £90,

Welly accessories

Foxley socks

Like I said, no accounting for weather. If you’re into your one-a-day country walks, these fairisle socks are fab for folding over your wellies and setting off into the countryside, with reinforced heels and smooth toe seems to boot.

HJ Hall’s Foxley socks, £36.00,

I take my hat off to you, sir

fedora hicks and brown

Protecting your skin is always fashionable, and a nice hat paired with some stylish denim and a white blouse is just the ticket for a Spring day outfit. Or so I imagine, having worn nothing but sweatshirts for the last two weeks.

The Orford Fedora (Charcoal Ribbon), £65,

A spring tipple

Warner's Spring Blossom G&T

Pop a drop of this into a glass of champagne for a lovely weekend drink – or a school evening, if you’re feeling spicy. Alternatively, mix it with plain tonic and a wedge of grapefruit for a zesty, refreshing sip.

Warners gins are still available to order online. Spring blossom gin, £40,

This was my last Utterly Inessential column, as I’ve just moved on from Country Life after two wonderful years with an incredible bunch of people. Thank you to my mother, best friend and grandma, who, unless I’m misinformed, make up my entire readership. If anyone else out there actually read any of this ridiculous stream of human consciousness, just know I was writing for you. And my mother. 

Best wishes, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend when it comes. God bless.