The Utterly Inessential Wimbledon Shopping List

We've rounded up all the utterly inessential products — posh tennis gear, in other words — that you absolutely do not need to enjoy Wimbledon, but would probably fancy having anyway.

If there’s one thing that truly spells summer, it’s the appearance of strawberries in the supermarket, picnic blankets from the back cupboards and a tennis racket by the front door waiting to be put back in the attic, unused, once the last ball has been served.

Yes, all these things spell the event that people all over the world willingly devote their neck muscles to for two whole weeks, something so quintessentially British that it’s a wonder it doesn’t have the world ‘royal’ attached to it yet.

As with every occasion in our fair nation, Wimbledon comes with the expectation of a dress code — competitors are sternly reminded that ‘white’ does not include off-white or cream and tailored shorts for spectators are, these days, ‘permissible’.

Decker Off-Court striped cotton-jersey cardigan

What time is it? Time to go into full-on 1980s Brat Pack movie mode.

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£126, Varley

Bespoke Walton tennis racquet cover

The IGB on the ball holder, in case you’re wondering, is customisable. Rather than a typo.

£695, Anya Hindmarch

The Roger Spin sneaker

The shoes promise ‘pro-level performance’. This is them talking about the shoes’ covering-your-feet powers, we’re guessing, rather than them rashly promising that you’ll become instantly Good At Tennis.

£130, On Running

Leather tennis-ball holder

Because the plastic tube that came with your balls simply won’t do.

£195, Paradise Row

Wimbledon SW19 tennis tote bag

Bags of style — and a built-in racket holder.

£195, Wimbledon Shop

Bespoke tennis balls

Readers of a certain age will be delighted to see white tennis balls making a comeback at last. Everyone else will be shocked that a tennis ball can be anything other than dayglo yellow.

£35, Anya Hindmarch

Solitaire Tennis Dress Co-Ord

Do your best Billie Jean King impression in this dress that’s pure throwback style.

£260, Exeat

Roadie 48 wheeled coolbox

Sure, it’s at priced at a point you might also expect it to make and serve your lunch… but at least it’ll be cool in every sense.

£450, Yeti

Unisex tennis visor

Sun in your eyes? I’d advise a visor.


£50, Lacoste

Diamond tennis bracelet

What do you mean, ‘are you sure it’s a good idea to play sport in jewellery costing almost seven grand?’ Just think how good you’ll look!

£6,750, Sophie Breitmeyer

Chevron pleated tennis skirt

See how the pleats change with the go-faster stripes? That will help you serve 14.6% faster. Well, probably.

£155, Tory Burch

Intarsia merino wool sweater

Look what granny knitted!

£180, L’Etoile Sport.

W Labs Project Shift 99/300 tennis racket

Hang on — who said we could put something in here that’s actually essential for playing tennis? What’s going on?

£240, Wilson