Easter gifts of real quality, from a diamond bunny to a Fabergé egg

Hetty Lintell and Toby Keel pick out some, all the while desperately trying to avoid using the word 'eggsquisite'.

The association of eggs and Easter goes back many centuries. Historically, eggs were forbidden during Lent and considered a treat on Easter Day.The origin of the Easter egg hunt comes from Germany, where men would hide eggs and women and children would find them — apparently a nod to Jesus’s empty tomb being discovered by a woman.

For those who prefer their eggs delivered rather than sequestered around the house and garden, the Easter Bunny is the postman of choice. In Switzerland, Easter eggs are actually delivered by a colourful cuckoo — our tradition for the bunny (originally a hare) came to Britain via a circuitous route: it was taken from German immigrants to Pennsylvania in the 1700s, from whence it spread across the US and back around the world.

Anemone Flower Surprise

This piece set in 18k yellow gold and hand-painted in a light green lacquer is a gift for your loved-one that, according to the illustrious creators, represents ‘nature, hope and fertility’. And also that you’re not afraid to splash out, of course.

£6,600 from Fabergé — www.faberge.com

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Big Green Egg

An egg that you can use to barbecue a chicken? The logic of this is making our head spin, but those in the know swear by these barbecues.

£1,045 from www.biggreenegg.co.uk; John Lewis have them in bundles with stands included.

Diamond white-rabbit brooch

Bentley & Skinner’s ultimate Easter Bunny is Alice in Wonderland-themed, and sumptuous: a diamond-set white rabbit carrying an umbrella, gold pocket watch, with a ruby for an eye and set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds.

£7,750 from Bentley & Skinner —  www.bentley-skinner.co.uk

Egg-cup plate

Never again will you have to worry about the egg cup sliding around the plate.

£27 from www.matildagoad.com

Charlie’s chair

What says Easter more than a personalised chair? (Other names are available.)

£250 from LesPetitesInteriors via etsy.com

Easter wreath-making kit

Door not included. But those nice secateurs are, which is pretty great.

£60 from Hayford & Rhodes, and Etsy is full of lovely alternatives

Hand-painted egg with truffles

These are so joyously pretty we’ve no idea how they can sell them for just £14. Plus also the goodies inside.

£14 from Booja Booja via anthropologie.com

Betty’s Spring bloom egg

The iconic bakery/confectioner is outdoing itself at Easter.

£32 from Betty’s

Hand-painted chocolate egg clutch

So realistic you’ll half expect it them hatch.

£25 from Daylesford www.daylesford.com

Bailey’s strawberry and cream eggs, and Jaffa Cake vodka

And finally, two to file under ‘guilty pleasures’. First up is this absurdly pink creation…

…and then there’s the Jaffa Cake Vodka, the new concoction from the brains behind Jaffa Cake Gin:

If you’re wondering how to make the cocktail? It’s 50ml of Jaffa Cake Vodka plus 25ml each of chocolate liqueur and Irish cream, popped into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice, then shaken, strained and served in a glass rimmed with honey and crushed Mini Eggs. There’s only one day of the year you’ll get away with this — enjoy.

Bailey’s egg, £9 from Ocado
Jaffa Cake Vodka, £27.99 from Master of Malt